Just wanted to make sure you don’t miss this slideshow of Parisian haute couture in the New York Times Sunday mag.

I’ve noticed, in that way that you notice things about yourself, that I didn’t care much for watching the ready to wear fall collections this year. I think it mostly had to do with the fact that I am such a lover of spring, so I was — I am — more interested in watching Seattle boutiques get their spring arrivals and looking for each extra of minute of daylight.

But then, spending a little time with the New York Times, I found myself thinking again about the high art of fashion, the pure spectacle of it. In some ways it feels silly to be swept up in the pageantry of beauty and non-essential clothing right now, but in other ways it feels more necessary than ever. The Josephine Baker babes at Gaultier are killing me, and the giant Edwardian-via-the-80s poufs and pleats and shoulder pads at Lacroix are dream worthy. Go check them out.

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