Bunsen burner or crème brûlée torch? In this special section, Seattle Met researchers compile the data on local desserts—with delicious results.

Last Course Legwork: a dessert safari through Seattle restaurants, with photos and descriptions of "last course" options elevated to blockbuster status.

Cupcake Trials: Seattle Met staff blind taste tests "our little frosted friends" in three flavors from seven local bakeries.

Chocolate Lab: like "Cupcake Trials," but with chocolate.

Pastry Pop Quiz: we challenge chefs at Canlis, Poppy, Taste, and Honoré Artisan Bakery to invent a dessert using four local ingredients.

Brownie Bakeoff: kind of like "Pimp My Ride" for brownie mixes. We compare, and also augment.

Sugar Sub Study: your guide to sweeteners sans refined sugar.

Shopping Guide: businesses highlighted in the cupcake, chocolate, brownie, and sugar substitutes pieces, corralled and linked for premium clickability.

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