This post is by Jesse Piedmont.

Shortly after 7:00 pm, supporters are beginning to join members of Mike McGinn's volunteer army at The War Room on Capitol Hill.

Members of McGinn's volunteer staff who were here early for the set-up were anything but overconfident. When asked how they expected things to go tonight, most responded with some variation of a shoulder shrug and other expressions of uncertainty. Supporters seemed to be steeling themselves for potential bad news, while still remaining cautiously optimistic about the results.

One campaign volunteer, Jen, thought things would go McGinn's way if turnout was better than expected. "I just hope people are paying attention," Jen said.

Campaign manager Aaron Pickus said he felt "great," but "fucking nervous."

A bright yellow sign in the corner of the otherwise dimly lit dance club reads "26,763 Volunteer Hours," paying homage to the massive volunteer effort that propelled McGinn's unlikely candidacy into a close Election Day finish. If things don't go his way tonight, perhaps supporters will find solace in how much they accomplished against a highly-funded establishment backed opposition.

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