A $5 Chimay. Please to file under “beverages for which I would gladly drive to West Seattle during rush hour.”

I dig on bars that have happy hours where you can get the whole HH menu for a price. Let’s call them happy hour tasting menus, shall we? Maximilien does this—it’s almost worth braving the staff, about 70% of which is unconscionably rude. (Memo to Maximilien servers/hosts: waiters in France aren’t even rude anymore, thanks to globalization. Get over yourselves.)

Tidbit is another good spot for ordering the whole mess, and now Fresh Bistro has joined the fun. Chef Dalis Chea’s West Seattle restaurant has intro’d a new happy hour menu featuring $5 “nibbles” (not one of my favorite words). You can order it all for $25.

There are drink specials too, including—why, hello—a $5 special on Chimay. They also take 20% off all wines by the glass.

In my experience, no staffer is ever rude at Fresh Bistro.

Happy hour at Fresh Bistro runs weekdays from 4-6pm and again from 9-11pm, and from 9-11pm on Saturdays.

Fresh Bistro’s $5 Nibbles

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Shiso Crusted Honey Pecan Prawns

Kahlbi Marinated Grilled Kobe Style Flank Steak

Braised Baby Octopus

Sweet Potato and Dungeness Crab Cakes

Crispy Pork Belly Banh Mi Sliders

Fresh Bistro Salad.

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