Publicola reader MF sends this in response to Josh's tendentious digression into American history:

Josh is fulla bleep! How can you write for a publication that argues that progressive Seattleites would have lined up with Jefferson in the 1800 election? Only if they owned slaves themselves or lived in a slave state. Why did Jefferson win that election? Because he got 12 additional Electoral College votes from southern states that were able to count non-voting slaves as three-fifths of a human being. Remember, Adams only lost by nine votes. What in the name of Obama was Josh thinking?

Yeah, Josh, do tell. What were you thinking?
Josh continues to play history bingo, and responds: 

Jefferson did not win the electoral college vote. He tied, and the election had to be determined by the House. And while MF is right that Jefferson carried the South in the Electoral College race, Jefferson also won the big ticket free state New York outright, and won 8 of Pennsylvania's 15 Electoral College votes. And in the pivotal run off in the House, he added Northern free states New Jersey and Vermont to his tally while also getting Deleware to remain neutral.

But this is not the heart of the matter. In 1800, Jefferson was the liberal because he came out strong against the Alien and Sedition Act and the war mongering against France. No certified KUOW liberal in Seattle would have gone for Adams. I, admittedly, would have voted Federalist in that election and cast my ballot for Adams.



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