In President Obama’s ongoing effort to pack his Cabinet with more multi-syllabic names than any administration in American History, he tapped Seattle Police boss Gil Kerlikowske to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Our old chief and the nation’s new Drug Czar isn’t your typical narcotics cop. He’s led a department that agreed to not go all McGruff the Crime Dog at the sight of average citizens lighting up a joint—thanks to a 2003 voter-approved ballot measure that made pot possession the lowest law-enforcement priority. Wait’ll the Senate approval committee gets wind of that. {% display:image for:post image:1 align:right height:170 %}

In other news: Your driver on the 42 route wanted to give you more than a ride and a transfer. On Wednesday police arrested a 54-year-old Metro bus 42 driver after a sting revealed he was dealing cocaine on his route. You know, we always thought people seemed preternaturally chatty on that bus.

Also this week: Former Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriguez confessed to steroid use and Seattle researchers released data suggesting a link between testicular cancer and prolonged Marijuana use.

Meanwhile, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend—a day honoring slaughtered Christian martyrs—and you should really unwind with someone you love and don’t want martyred. Sea Met bloggers offer lots of ways to do that that don’t involve procuring something on Bus 42 or anything that Czar Kerlikowske was once sworn to (sort of) ignore.

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