Now that we’ve got people everywhere from Yucaipa, California, to Gainesville, Florida, sucking down our coffee, flying in our planes, using our software, and ordering books in the manner we see fit, it’s time to take Seattle imperialism a step further. The next wave of local business exports ensures that more Americans will soon sleep, eat, and have their hair coiffed just like us. —Sarah Anderson

Ace Hotel

Next big takeover Locations opening in Palm Springs and Manhattan in 2009.
What’s so Seattle about it The original Ace in Belltown is the spot for touring hipsters with Hotel W tastes but HoJo budgets. The B&B with modern decor is known for killer continental breakfasts and prime locations (Pike Place Market–ish in Seattle; the Pearl district in Portland).
Outsider appeal Copies of the Kama Sutra—accompanied by complimentary condoms—instead of the traditional Gideon Bible.

Rudy’s Barbershop

Next big takeover Recent openings in Portland and Los Angeles, with plans to set up shop in New York City by 2009.
What’s so Seattle about it Tattooed and pierced stylists who are blessedly less interested in mindless banter than in grooving to whatever band of the moment happens to be blaring way too loud over the speakers. The shop supports local artists and musicians by featuring their work and/or employing them.
Outsider appeal A stylish cut for as little as $11, and concert tickets for sale on site save patrons shipping fees.


Next big takeover After a successful opening in Santa Clara, California, Ivar’s got an eye on multiple Northwest locations.
What’s so Seattle about it The city’s first aquarium, opened in 1938 by Ivar Hag-lund, soon became the city’s premier seafood eatery. Admire the beautiful creatures of the Deep Blue—then chow on ’em! How’s that for Northwest efficiency?
Outsider appeal The nautical theme—plus the signature tartar sauce and award-winning chowder—goes over big in newly gentrified hot spots angling for that rope-and-bow, fisherman’s wharf motif.

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