AH, SUMMER—the one time when the weather forecast promises something other than cloudy, cloudier, or black-as-night, doomsday cloudy. But with Seattle’s fleetingly brief sunshine season, an accurate forecast is essential for the pasty and sun-starved to catch every last ray. On the morning of Monday, June 23, we recorded the five-day forecasts from all four major Seattle TV stations and compared their high temperature predictions with the actual highs reported by the National Weather Service at the end of the week. The results, like the forecasts, were mixed.

Monday, June 23

National Weather Service 67°
KING 71°
KCPQ 68°
KIRO 70°
KOMO 70°

Oh so close, KCPQ. Not an exact prediction, but you only missed it by one blissful degree.

National Weather Service 69°
KING 70 °
KCPQ 70 °
KIRO 69°
KOMO 69°

Nice work, KIRO and KOMO—you know a tepid Seattle summer day when you see one.

National Weather Service 73°
KING 73°
KCPQ 70°
KIRO 70°
KOMO 70°

All right, KING! Way to have an overly sunny, optimistic outlook and still get it right.

National Weather Service 65°
KING 76°
KCPQ 72°
KIRO 73°
KOMO 72°

Ouch! These predictions had us shivering in cutoffs. Seventy-six, KING? Really?

National Weather Service 75°
KING 79°
KCPQ 77°
KIRO 78°
KOMO 77°

No one got it right, but who cares? It was 75 freakin’ degrees. We hit the beach.

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