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What to Do After Work July 16–19

The poetry in Seattle traffic, recent developments in Russian eloquence, and learning more about moms.

By Mac Hubbard July 16, 2018

Seattle's own Angela Garbes dives in to the science behind motherhood in her new book.

Tue, Jul 17
The Great Soul of Russia
As a reminder to nostalgists that great literature has come out of Russia since Chekhov, the latest installment of this ongoing series looks closer to this century. The Russian team's World Cup ranking may have been abysmal this year, but the nation's literary standing holds up, as evidenced by the writing of Tatyana Tolstaya and Victor Pelevin, among others. ACT Theatre, $15

Karen Joy Fowler
Local organization Clarion West offers support to speculative fiction writers looking to develop their craft. They bring in Fowler, the author of The Jane Austen Book Club and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, to talk about how it's done. Of course, anyone who just appreciates a good summer reading is welcome, too. Central Library, Free

Wed, Jul 18
Angela Garbes
She wrote an article about breastfeeding that garnered so much traffic that the Stranger was ill-equipped to accurately measure it. Now Seattle's Angela Garbes has turned that motherhood curiosity into a book, probing our culture's blindspots on the subject. In addition to your understanding of child-rearing, the event also benefits West Side Baby. See our interview with Garbes for our July issue here. Third Place Books Seward Park, Free

Thu, Jul 19
City Planning Poetry
As the founder of PubliCola, Josh Feit brings deep civic knowledge to his poetry (as opposed to your run of the mill carafe-deep ranter). He's joined by fellow Seattle writer Sarah Anne Lloyd and will address a range of topics, from commuting frustration and affordable housing to considerably weirder facets of Seattle life, like the possibility of encountering a babysitter's seance. Vermillion, Free

Bad Luck
Catch a no-frills, and decidedly cheaper, concert before the masses descend upon Capitol Hill for Block Party this weekend. Seattle vets Bad Luck get more done with just drums and sax than you'd expect, and they'll have support from locals Tiny Vipers, Hoop, and Red Ribbon. Chop Suey, $8

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