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This Week in Restaurant News: Mixed Emotions

South Lake Union gains a new restaurant corridor seemingly overnight. But we're about to lose the Belltown block that houses Shorty's, Rocco's, and Tula's.

By Greg Young September 4, 2015

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Taste of things to come at Ballard Pizza Co's new location at South Lake Union. 

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New burger joint Heyday opened in Mount Baker on Thursday just next door to Repast. The new restaurant serves worldly burgers like a Saigon-inspired pork, beef, and shrimp patty, a falafel burger, or a version topped with Hatch chili relish and queso fundido, all inside a new construction space done up with dark wood and cozy lighting. Dinette's Melissa Nyffeler created the menu.

Eden Hill
Austin chef Maximilian Petty is opening up Eden Hill in Queen Anne where Entre Amis used to be. Petty will be serving up what he calls "avant-garde new American small plates" which include dishes named Duck-Duck Goose, and Foie Gras Mousse Cake Batter. Also, Lick The Bowl. 


SLU's New Restaurant Corridor
Vulcan announced Wednesday that a whole slew of new restuarants are opening on Ninth Avenue N. in South Lake Union. These restaurants include a few that Josh Henderson talked about back in March. Other highlights include Sam's Tavern, Hurry Curry of Tokyo, and another outpost of Ethan Stowell's Ballard Pizza Company.


13 Coins 
The Seattle Times reports that 13 Coins in South Lake Union is undergoing major changes by staying exactly where it is – sort of. The legendary 24-hour restaurant will find a new home in one of the two 42-story residential buildings being built on either side of the newspaper's own offices. The restaurant's current home will be demolished.


Classic Belltown
Among other things being demolished: Shorty's, Tula's, and Rocco's in Belltown. The building that houses these essential neighborhood dives is set to be demolished and replaced with a new eight-story apartment building.


A pastry chef from some of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area is opening a bakery in Bremerton. Matt Tinder worked at The Restaurant at Meadowood and Coi and is bringing those skills to his new bakery called Saboteur. When the bakery opens (perhaps as soon as February) look for croissants, brioche, and "hard-to-find, naturally leavened breads," according to Eater Seattle.


Jason Stratton
This week, the chef-turned-GM became executive chef at Mamnoon. To add extra icing on the cake, Stratton's longtime lieutenant Carrie Mashaney (aka a 2013 Next Hot Chef) will join him as the pastry chef.  


KC Boehly 
On Friday Cafe Flora manager KC Boehly was found dead at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.  Cafe Flora owner Nat Stratton-Clarke is planning a memorial service for Boehly (details to come). This week he described his manager as “a gentle soul, a true friend and an adventurer through and through. Whenever she entered a room her smile was contagious.”

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