The North Cascades

The Great Outdoors: What the Wild Things Are

Keep an eye out for these critters on your next trip north.

By Allison Williams August 1, 2013 Published in the August 2013 issue of Seattle Met


Though it looks like a mouse that took a cuteness pill, the furry little mammals are hardy creatures that like the cold and may be moving to higher elevations to escape global warming.


The furry little member of the weasel family has been making a comeback. Last year park rangers saw wolverine snow dens for the first time in years. 

The beauties that live in subalpine meadows are being monitored as part of a six-year study, one that uses volunteers because sighting them is relatively easy.  



Only a handful of grizzlies remain in the North Cascades, though park officials hope they can someday be brought back; smaller black bears are more numerous but still a rare sighting.




Harlequin Duck 
Majestic bald eagles winter all along the Skagit River, but the funny-faced ducks also breed in the park’s fast-flowing waterways.




Mountain Goat 
The shaggy cliff dwellers are ill tempered toward hikers but can be seen from afar from Artist’s Point near Mount Baker.




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