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A Saturday on the Road with a delivery truck driver

By Allison Williams December 19, 2012 Published in the January 2013 issue of Seattle Met

9am  The shift starts. The warehouse is here in Kent, but I could end up going as far north as Bellingham. If I’m staying around town, I’ll do 18 to 25 stops a day. This day I did 18 deliveries on the Eastside: Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland.

9:15am You have the opportunity to see different things while delivering; people may be expecting a bed because they moved into the city. They have the traditional idea that they’re moving to rainy Seattle. But certain days, especially during the fall, it’s beautiful!

11am There are times we might run a little ahead of schedule; Seattle traffic’s not bad. You get used to the heavy hours; you can always expect heavy traffic in downtown, on 405.

1pm  You develop places you like to stop for breaks. There’s a teriyaki place in Kirkland, and we stopped about 30 minutes. 

2pm  We delivered a birthday present, a surprise. It was a little boy who was getting a big boy’s bed. We’ve done quite a few for adults as well. You can’t ruin the surprise and get there too early!

3pm  We deliver the customer setups first, because our stores don’t usually open until later. Delivering to our stores is like going to another customer’s home: same respect, same engagement. During this time of year, we pick up the donations to the Foster Kids coat drive. It’s amazing when we go into the stores and look at the generosity. 

6pm  This was the last stop in Kirkland, and we wanted get back to warehouse at 7:30. We made the delivery, gassed up the truck, unloaded the old product, and had the supervisor go through paperwork.


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Published: January 2013

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