Friday Night Specials: September 18

Craving gnocchi? You’re in luck.

September 17, 2009

If you’re in the mood for gnocchi, tonight’s your night. At Brasa, the gooey, dense goodness comes loaded with foraged mushrooms, sauteed spinach, chives, and brown butter. Go big—splurge on the large portion for $18—or start with the smaller portion for $10 then move onto the other special: hanger steak prepared over an applewood grill and garnished with celeriac, potato mash, and grilled radicchio with red wine reduction for $23.

Or check out other Belltown hotspot Branzino. There the gnocchi is topped off with rabbit and lobster mushrooms for $17. If that doesn’t put the rumbly in your tumbly try the golden trout with beluga lentils, $21.

No gnocchi at Brad’s Swingside Café in Fremont, but, hey, even the most die-hard gnocchi nosher would be content with their $22 organic hind quarters of rabbit served with seasonal vegetables and rosemary tarte cherry pomegranate sauce. Also on the specials menu are local, organic free range baby back ribs served with a homemade BBQ sauce (we’re told it’s made with eight kinds of peppers), potatoes, and swiss chard, $22. Surprise seafood specials are also in the works.

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