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Even Opposing Teams Think the Sounders Are Awesome

It’s Drew Carey night in Dallas on Saturday

May 14, 2009

How powerful is the Sounders FC’s PR machine? They’ve got other MLS organizations promoting the team and celebrity co-owner Drew Carey.

Attendance has been, uh, lacking at FC Dallas home games this season (29,242 total attendees in three games, versus 29,536 per game for the Sounders). So in what might go down as the head-scratchingest MLS promotion of all time, the club hired a Carey impersonator to host a halftime contest during this Saturday’s match against the Sounders, and they’re giving away a pair of "Drew Carey glasses" to the first 10,000 fans who show up. Oh, and the winner of that contest gets a trip to Seattle in October. For some reason, Dallas fans aren’t crazy about the idea, and they voiced their humble objections in the comments section of the club’s blog:

"I wonder if they will put a picture of Landon Donovan on their website before we play [L.A.] Galaxy ? This is all just disgusting."

"if i win the trip to seattle, i’m staying. i need a real soccer team & coach to support & i am sick of FC Dallas top to bottom, left to right."

"HEY… can we have a jersey trade-in promotion? We trade in our FCD jerseys, and they could give us Seattle jerseys!"

The sentiment was similar on the message board for one of FC Dallas’s supporter groups:

"Let’s send the message directly to the FO and take those stupid Drew Carey glasses and throw them on the field."

Now, for what it’s worth, I just got off the phone with the Carey impersonator, Bill Parks, and he seems like a stand-up guy who’s just earning a paycheck (I’ll post the interview, including who he’ll be rooting for, later today), so it’d be a shame if he caught any static this weekend in Dallas. But to the Sounders marketing department: Why don’t you guys just go ahead and take the week off?

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