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Ken Griffey Reads Left Field

I just know it!

April 6, 2009

You want to know how I know that Junior reads the blog? Because after I went and laid all my emotional cards on the table this morning, forgiving him for the middle-school torture I suffered as a result of his general awesomeness and baseball bad-assery and offering to let him into my heart if he’d serve up a couple victory-lap memories here in Seattle, he goes yard on Opening Day. It’s so obvious: He was chillin’ in the visitor’s locker room in Minneapolis, tapped into the Twins wi-fi connection, when he found the L.A. Times story about Jose Canseco’s "maybe Junior juiced, maybe he didn’t" nonsense over the weekend. He got pissed, so he cruised over to for some hometown love, clicked on Left Field, read this morning’s post and said, "Man, I do owe that guy for all the crap he took. I’ma go out there today and give him something to be happy about, because I want to be his friend."

And he totally did it. I’m not one for getting all hyperbolic in my assessment of momentous athletic occasions, but Griffey hitting a home run in his first game back as a Mariner after a 10-year absence? Yeah, I think I can safely put that one in the Top 10 Coolest Sports Moments in Seattle History. Thanks, Junior.

Photo via Seattle Times

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