Jerry Seinfeld, We Just Don’t Love You Anymore

Or at least one Husky hoops fan doesn’t

March 5, 2009

Man, we’re hungry for something to cheer about in Seattle, huh? Jon Brockman and the rest of the UW hoops crew can snatch the Pac-10 title Saturday afternoon when Wazzu comes to Bank of America Arena, and it seems like everyone wants to find a way into the building to see it happen. Cross-state rivalry or not, UW fans are so desperate to see the Dawgs win, tickets are going for $200 a piece on Craigslist. At least 50 requests or offers to sell have popped up on the site since Monday, which isn’t all that surprising, given the fact that this could be the hottest local sports event of the year. But then there’s this one:

"Willing to trade 2 Jerry Seinfeld tickets Main Floor Dead Center row 21 for 2 or 3 UW VS WSU tickets."

Someone’s willing to trade tickets for Seinfeld’s appearance at the Paramount next month? Oh, how far the mighty have fallen. Left Field tried to get the would-be trader to talk, but he/she wouldn’t return our emails, and all we can figure is that he/she didn’t want to be outed to his/her friends as a Jerry deserter, but all we can say is, Why? Sure, 10 years ago, a Seinfeld appearance in Seattle might be fun — and even relevant — but things have changed, and, frankly, we’ve moved on.

So, sorry, Jerry, you just picked the wrong time to come to town. It’s not your fault that after nine months of suck, we’ve finally got an excuse to paint our faces and break out the foam fingers. Really, it’s not you. It’s us.

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