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Sam Adams Throws Down World’s Weakest Sports Wager

We almost considered not dignifying it with a response, but …

March 25, 2009

Remember the good old days when mayors would lay down interesting semi-interesting bets with their sports town rivals? Like last year, when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and Boston Mayor Menino had to ship 100 cups of clam chowder and 42 pounds of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to New York’s Mayor Bloomberg? Or when they would get really wacky and pull some headline-grabbing publicity stunt, like Pittsburgh’s Mayor Ravenstahl did when he changed his last name to Steelerstahl before the Steelers took on the Ravens in the 2008 AFC Championship game? Ballsy they weren’t, but at least they made up for the lack of high stakes with some hometown boosterism.

Left Field is just going to throw this out there to PDX Mayor Sam Adams: Dude, you suck at the friendly sports bet. Last week, when the MLS announced that Portland was getting an expansion team in 2011, Adams took to the podium at the club’s rally, built the tension with some snipes at Seattle, and then blew his chance to demonstrate some respectable civic gamesmanship by announcing that if the Sounders FC had a better record than the expansion Timbers in 2011, he’d … wear a Sounders FC T-shirt to the Timbers’ next game. Oh, but wait — there’s more: If the Timbers had a better record, Mayor Nickels would have to wear a Timbers T-shirt to the next Sounders FC game!

Really, Adams? That’s all you’ve got? I know this is your first term as mayor, so you’re still getting used to the whole intercity rivalry thing, but next time, try to bring the real, alright? I don’t know, put a dozen cases of beer or some Voodoo doughnuts on the line. Or you could really show your mayoral mettle and promise Sounders FC co-owner Drew Carey that you’ll be a Showcase Showdown model on "The Price is Right" if you lose. You know what, scratch that last one. You’ve probably had all the political trauma you can handle for one year.

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