You Can Have a Pair of Nate Robinson’s Sweet Green Nikes

If you can get yourself to New York City by this afternoon

March 17, 2009

Being that it involves shoes and the like, this is probably a post best served up by my girl L-Boogie over at Wear What When, but she never hurts for news of the sartorial variety, so I’m going to steal it. And it deals with one native Seattle athlete and a former Seattle sports legend come home again, so yeah, it belongs in Left Field.

I tried to drop this on you yesterday morning, but the not-so-helpful folks at Nike’s media relations department decided not to call me back with the news that I requested, so let’s slap a big old UNCONFIRMED stamp on what is to follow, despite the fact that I’m about 98 percent confident that it’s true. Today, the boys in Beaverton have seen fit to release a precious few pairs of those exclusive green Foamposite Lite kicks that Rainier Beach’s little baller who could, Nate Robinson, wore during the Slam Dunk Contest last month. (Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and anything that’s green — even if it has no basis in Irish culture — is cool today. But they’re not selling them here, in his home town. Oh no, they’re selling them at a Footlocker in Harlem. (Yeah, OK, he plays for the Knicks, but still.) This, I take exception to, partly because it’s just in my nature to take exception to any slight — perceived or otherwise — partly because Oregon’s in our backyard and, come on, how hard could it be to ship a couple extra pairs up here, and partly because, well, I wouldn’t have minded having a pair. Whatever. Extremely limited quantities" and "downtown New York" bring to mind a certain "weekend skirmish that you may have heard about, and I’m not interested in that kind of noise anyway.

Ah, but fear not Seattle. Nike isn’t leaving us out of the kicks party after all. World around the shoe blogosphere today has it that they’re … re-releasing the Griffey Max 1, to celebrate Junior’s return. Wait, what? New York gets the fresh new sneaks, and we get the retreads. Not cool, Nike, not cool at all.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and the Griffeys were cool? All they remind me of is this commercial, which reminds me of the "Parents Just Don’t Understand" video, and now I’ve got that frickin’ song stuck in my head, and that just pisses me off. So what is it, Left Fielders? Am I off base? Tell me.

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