How to Meet Girls at a Sounders FC Game

And how to look creepy in the process

March 23, 2009

So the Sounders FC opener last week was pretty great, right? Not only did it help the Seattle sports world turn its frown upside down and facilitate an avian bloodletting of epic proportions, but apparently it was also a great place to meet chicks. Or at least drunkenly leer at them.

Admittedly, taking shots at people who post in the Missed Connections section at Craigslist is too easy, but Left Field can’t help it this time: Apparently coed singles soccer leagues are just too awkward and rife with the potential to reveal athletic inadequacies for this 36-year-old Renton guy, so he took to Craigslist over the weekend to seek out one of the many fútbol-loving "kittens" he spied at Qwest last Thursday. And now, he wants to hit a game with one of them or just get some coffee. Attention prospective dates: He’ll be the guy at the Starbucks biting a red rose and holding a Sounders FC scarf above his head.

Listen, it’s great that we’ve shaken off our collective Puget Sound sports funk to the point that we can cruise Qwest for the ladies, but guys, let’s not forget that soccer games are civilized affairs for gentlemen, full of face painting, chanting “Put ‘em up against a wall and shoot ‘em,” and picking fights in the stands. It’s not on turf.

Image via Emerald City Supporters.

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