The Resurrection of Fake Wrestling?

Seattle Semi-Pro vows to fight the good fight

March 12, 2009

Not that this should come as much of a surprise, but mock-wrestling group Seattle Semi-Pro plans to appeal the Washington State Department of Licensing’s ruling that put the kibosh on future performances. As of Monday, SSP had 20 days to appeal to the DOL’s director, and after meeting with their lawyer on Tuesday, civil rights attorney David Osgood, they’ve decided to fight back. "It probably sounds kind of silly or naïve, but we honestly thought there was an amicable way to solve this, that logic was going to prevail and [the DOL] would kind of see the light — or see the point that numerous people have already seen or felt," SSP spokesperson and wrestler Nathaniel Pinzon told Left Field earlier this week. "We’re not pro wrestling."

The most potentially absurdist wrinkle to their next salvo in this bureaucratic battle royale? SSP plans to enlist members of the pro wrestling community — which, let’s face it, is plenty fake itself — to argue that its performances are more satirical theatrics than hardcore gladiatorial combat. Osgood said he didn’t know just yet who they’d tap for their big-pec’d witness list, but they have started looking. "I’m talking with my guys [in SSP] to see who they know, because pro wrestlers just aren’t at my fingertips in my Rolodex," he said with a laugh. "I don’t rub shoulders with them in my everyday life."

Courtroom drama aside, SSP is planning a benefit show on April 1st at Club Motor in SoDo — not to make money for the legal fight, but to drum up more support for the cause. (Osgood, always up for a fight against "overreaching government," said he’s taken on the case pro bono.) Expect burlesque, music, aerial acts, and maybe even appearances by a few SSP characters. "They probably won’t be performing or doing any wrestling-themed things," Pinzon said, "but that doesn’t stop comedy sketches, and it doesn’t stop the normal stuff that comes from a comedy troupe."

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