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Apparently Isaiah Thomas Was Getting Tired of all the Attention

Why are the dailies both talking about Huskies bench players today?

February 5, 2009

The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer are both running stories today about UW basketball benchwarmers. Aren’t coincidences the darnedest thing?

Or wait, maybe it’s not a coincidence. Maybe the dailies are colluding in a conspiratorial attempt to subtly lower our expectations the day after two of the best teams in college hoops both got blown out by 27. (Talk about a coincidence.) You know, kind of a, "Listen, yeah, we’re just as excited about the Huskies as you are — really, who knew they’d be so good? — but this is a weird year, so let’s not get all excited. The floor is bound to drop out from beneath us sooner or later, so here: Read about some Huskies who don’t play that much."

Just saying …

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