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If Seattle’s athletes were on Twitter

January 12, 2009

Thank god for Twitter. The microblogging, stream-of-consciousness service that lets anyone tell everyone what they’re thinking at any given minute (because we want to know!) has finally given Shaquille O’Neal an outlet to drop gems like this on us: “Question Should one b remembered 4 what he did Or what he is doing.” Wow, Diesel…yeah, that’s profound…ly dumb.

We haven’t found any local players who tweet, but The New York Times’ look at sports celebrities who use the 140-character messaging service got us thinking about what Seattle’s stars might reveal. A sampling…

Hasselbeck @BFavre: Told u NYers are ingrates. Should have come out here to finally be my backup – u still would have played half a season.

Willingham: Regrets are 4 losers. Staying the course is a virtue. And real men aren’t afraid to burn redshirts.

Sarkisian: Don’t care what anyone says – I love Ty. I’d have to burn down Husky Stadium to look worse than him.

Griffey Jr. @JZduriencik: Bags are packed, car is gassed up, and I’m ready to come home. Don’t listen 2 the haters, JZ – 39 ain’t too old!

Ljungberg: Rehab going well and doc says surgery scars won’t be too visible, so new skivvies modeling gig isn’t out of the question. Call my agent

Know any local athletes who do tweet? Drop me an email.

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