Wait, What?

Um, Can You Say, "Entrapment"?

Why does the LA Times hate the Huskies?

January 29, 2009

Evidently we were wrong in thinking that negative feelings only flow south along the West Coast. Honestly, L.A., we know the UW Huskies basketball team knocked off your No. 13 UCLA Bruins on Saturday, and yeah, the Huskies football program replaced ex-coach Ty Willingham by stealing USC’s offensive coordinating wunderkind, Steve Sarkisian (who stole USC’s defensive coordinating wunderkind, Nick Holt), but don’t you think you’re being a little petty?

The LA Times is reporting that UW compliance officials are investigating the school’s football program for violations that include — no, we’re not joking — letting the LA Times tag along on recruiting visits in SoCal. You know what? Fine, no one else is saying it, so we will: The LA Times knew that following Sarkisian and Holt to recruits’ homes was wrong, but they did it anyway, knowing that UW would get caught, just to get back at the school and Seattle for being big jerk meanies. You think we can’t read between the lines, L.A.? You think we don’t see what’s going on here? Well, we do.1 And we’re not going to let it slide. Now, our only real way of getting back at you will be to rant about it here, like deranged conspiracy theorists, but you’ve been warned: We will rant vehemently.

1 We wouldn’t be surprised if you tipped off the compliance officers to the minor indiscretion by emailing them a link to your story. And don’t even try to claim you were just trying to increase web traffic in a depressed newspaper economy…

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