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Thumbnail for - Cheasty Bike Trail Controversy
Jul 1, 2014
Sporting Life
In a battle of hairsplitting environmentalism, bicyclists are facing off against birders in Beacon Hill over the Cheasty Bike Trail.
Thumbnail for - Helmet Cam: Our Favorite Seattle Biking Videos
Mar 21, 2014
City Trails
It’s like you’re there…only someone else is peddling.
Thumbnail for - Trail of the Month: Ellis Cove
Nov 28, 2012
The Ellis Cove trail in Olympia offers a glimpse of the landscape as it appeared in the 1800s.
Thumbnail for - Trail of the Month: Mount Finlayson
Oct 8, 2012
Catch sweeping maritime views from atop Mount Finlayson on San Juan Island.
Thumbnail for - Trails to Hike in Mount Rainier National Park
Jul 19, 2012
TRAILS EVERYONE LOVES  Burroughs Mountain Above the trees and in the tundra, these ridges resemble a moonscape. Besides the First, Second, and Third Burroughs mountains, hikers can sometimes...
Thumbnail for - Trail of the Month: Saddle Rock
Jul 17, 2012
TRAIL NAME Saddle MountainDIFFICULTY ModerateDISTANCE 3 miles round trip This hike on Saddle Mountain, the prominent and iconic Wenatchee Foothills peak that looms above Wenatchee, is short,...
Thumbnail for - Trail of the Month: Mount Townsend
Jun 20, 2012
See the Salish Sea from the peak of Mount Townsend, located at the northeastern edge of the Olympic Peninsula.
Thumbnail for - Bicycle Trips, Trails, and Gear
May 18, 2012
Seattle is hilly, it’s wet, and it’s one of the top-ranked cycle cities in the nation, thanks to our committed commuters and twisting trails. Turns out we love our bikes and the number of pedal...
Thumbnail for - Bike Gear: Head to Toe
May 18, 2012
Local bike shops share their favorite bike gear.
Thumbnail for - Pedal Pushers
May 18, 2012
Colin Stevens, Adonia Lugo, Christy Elton, Brian Nordwall, David Postetter, and Patricia Hansen are shaping Seattle's biking community.
Listing 1 - 10 of 24 Results