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Thumbnail for - Fairs Are Everywhere
Aug 25, 2011
Roll out your blue-ribbon-winning giant pumpkin! Today marks the beginning of the Evergreen State Fair, but it’s not the only deep-fried food opportunity on the horizon. Evergreen State Fair in...
Thumbnail for - Five Things to do Out of Town This Weekend
Aug 19, 2011
It’s going to be over 80 degrees in Seattle this weekend—all the more reason to get out of town. You don’t want to get used to all that sunshine, do you? Here’s what’s on tap around the...
Thumbnail for - Return to Red Mountain
Aug 19, 2011
At just over 4,000 acres, Red Mountain is Washington’s smallest AVA. But ton for ton, its cab, merlot, and syrah grapes are among the most precious and pricey in the state—yielding wines of amazing...
Thumbnail for - Skip Hiking and Join a Trail Crew
Aug 15, 2011
Before this weekend, I used to appreciate the work that goes into maintaining Washington’s mighty trail system…in theory. Then I spent a day on one of Washington Trails Association’s volunteer...
Thumbnail for - Olympics Goat Death Leads to Lawsuit
Aug 11, 2011
Can you handle a mountain goat? Last year’s Olympic National Park goat-related fatality—a man was gored on Klahhane Ridge—was the first known occasion of an animal killing a human in the park....
Thumbnail for - Climb Aboard the Beer Train
Aug 9, 2011
Weekend Plan
What happens when you put a booze cruise on dry land? It looks something like the Lagunitas Beer Train on Saturday, August 20. The California brewing company is sponsoring an overnight event at...
Thumbnail for - Noble Fir Hosts a Hiker Social
Aug 8, 2011
Get Out
Put down the Nalgene bottle already and raise a pint glass to the great outdoors. Northwest hiking guru Craig Romano (if there’s a trail in Washington, he’s probably written about it) heads up a...
Thumbnail for - Wolf Haven’s Howl-In Is Worth a Trip
Aug 5, 2011
When dozens of people set up camp on prairie land in Tenino just to hear wolves do their thing, expectations are high. Fortunately, at Wolf Haven International’s summer Howl-Ins, the furry...
Thumbnail for - Schwaggle Debuts with Fitness Discounts
Aug 4, 2011
The appeal of’s new deals site is mostly in the name: Scwhaggle. Say it again: "Schwaggle!" It sounds like the name of a puppy, or the pimp who works Fraggle Rock. The site, new to...
Thumbnail for - The Space Needle Is an Actual Spaceship
Aug 1, 2011
Long Trips
The NASA Space Shuttle is no more, sadly, but your chances of getting weightless have never been better. To celebrate its 50th birthday, the saucer-like top of the Space Needle will detach and...
Listing 321 - 330 of 469 Results