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Thumbnail for - The Elwha’s Last Dam Summer
Jul 22, 2011
It began 25 years ago as a radical idea: destroying two dams to save the Elwha River. It ends this month as a commonsense solution. Gentlemen, start your jackhammers.
Thumbnail for - Insider’s Guide to Olympic National Park: Where the Wild Things Are
Jul 22, 2011
A field guide to the animals of Olympic National Park.
Thumbnail for - I-5 Loves the Electric Car
Jul 14, 2011
Electric cars are good and all, but how useful are they if you can’t take them on vacation? That all changes with the new plan to turn Washington’s chunk of I-5 and Highway 2 into electric...
Thumbnail for - Travel Tip from a Travel Agent
Jul 8, 2011
The Adviser Linda Martindell, owner of Kirkland-based Totem Travel. She’s a travel agent, which doesn’t mean she books plane tickets. These days a travel agent is more like a location specialist,...
Thumbnail for - Vancouver hosts Summer Live in Stanley Park
Jul 8, 2011
Weekend Pass
Got Canada on the brain? This weekend Vancouver continues its 125th anniversary celebrations with a massive three-day concert. It starts today and will include The New Pornographers, Neko Case,...
Thumbnail for - Maryhill Museum of Art Is Worth a Trip
Jul 6, 2011
The Midwest can keep its Big Muddy—we have our own Big River, the Columbia. At the Maryhill Museum of Art, the banks of the Columbia River are getting their own art show. The exhibition Beside...
Thumbnail for - Does Snow on the Trail Get You (to Fall) Down?
Jun 30, 2011
Get Out
Snow? Still? It’s almost July! This year’s late-melting snowpack has been endangering hikers across the Northwest, including one badly hurt woman at Denny Creek this weekend. There’s still snow...
Thumbnail for - Free Rental Car with a Flight to Port Angeles
Jun 28, 2011
You look across the Sound and the Olympics beckon in the distance—but who has time to hop a ferry and navigate the tangle of highways to the Olympic Peninsula? On flights barely longer than 30...
Thumbnail for - Save a Few Bucks on Fourth of July Plans
Jun 24, 2011
There’s still a week to go before the midsummer bash of July 4. There will be plenty of fireworks in town, but some of us are like golden retrievers and would rather hide under the bed than put...
Thumbnail for - Seattle’s Love-Hate Relationship with July
Jun 24, 2011
Let’s get this straight: Seattleites go a little nuts in July.
Listing 321 - 330 of 444 Results