0712 Park City - View Park
Image: Will Austin

The View Park

Kerry Park
211 W Highland Dr, Seattle

There’s no better place to drink in the full complement of Seattle’s natural and man-made attributes: the downtown skyline, the Space Needle, Elliott Bay, the industrial cranes lining the Duwamish, the Cascades, and on a good day, even Mount Rainier. The quintessential photos of Seattle are all staged here, preferably at sunset, the Needle bisecting the sky, a red glow burnishing the west face of Columbia Center, the big mountain brooding in the backdrop. This is where you bring New York visitors to induce the bitter heartburn of envy.

With its obvious magnetism for tourist buses and weddings and fashion shoots, Kerry Park is actually at its most thoughtfully appealing early in the morning, before the sightseers and photographers and commotion. Then it’s a quiet vantage to look out over the city and consider whether Seattle is managing to be worthy of its natural setting. And it’s likely to make us want to go out and do better.