0712 Park City - Forest Park 2
Image: Will Austin

The Fountain Park

Harborside Fountain Park
100 Washington Ave, Bremerton

“We had no money,” said former Bremerton mayor Cary Bozeman, surveying the stunning city park squeezed into a sliver of land between the ferry terminal and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. “Everything’s been done through partnerships with state and federal government. No tax increases. We had to be pretty creative.”

Walker Macy of Portland designed this park, which features a serpentine path of silvery Chinese granite pavers weaving among colorfully landscaped hillocks and a flotilla of five copper-clad fountains that spray at unpredictable intervals. In homage to the shipyard, the fountains suggest submarine sails. There are also scatterings of stone sculptures shaped 
like giant halved geodes, sluices, and lost-civilization artifacts.

The park’s only shortcoming is that it’s small and narrow, 
so it doesn’t form the great waterfront promenade that 
Bremerton (and Seattle, for that matter) ought to have. But since it opened in 2007, another two-block park bursting with watery sculptures has been connected to it. Even with “no money,” Bremerton has produced a waterfront park system worth a day trip.