The Sculpture Park

San Juan Islands Museum of Art Sculpture Park
Roche Harbor Rd near White Point Rd, Roche Harbor, San Juan Island

Why should art be cooped up inside four walls under artificial light? Give it sunshine and fresh air and yes, rain, and let it bask or sulk in the vagaries of weather and changes of 
season. When art interacts with nature, each 
is enriched by the other.

This is what happens at the IMA sculpture park on San Juan Island, where about 100 juried pieces lurk around 20 acres of forest, meadows, and wetlands. These aren’t architectural—scale works by famous names, as in Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park, but rather more intimate, whimsical pieces. 
The mood of the collection is contemporary, but not confrontational. There are interactive pieces (ring the gong!), geometric abstractions, stylized animal and human figures, and mystical flights. Many are for sale.

Onetime San Juan Island resident Kay Kammerzell discovered the site during a dog-walking job. The land belonged to Roche Harbor Resort, which loaned it to the city in perpetuity, and Kammerzell launched the park in 2001. It remains nonprofit and requests a $5 per person donation.