Ever wonder what it’s like to cross the moon? We’re guessing it’s a bit like this (minus gravity). More than 17 miles of single-track cut through the blast zone, following lahars (mud and rock flow) and slicing through volcanic ash. Start with a steep 1,400-foot climb past red cedars and Douglas firs that survived the eruption, and level out onto the Plains of Abraham, a ridge where the trail goes soft and the views turn desolate. Ape Canyon looms below, while a face-smacking view of Mount St. Helens reminds you who’s in charge.
Insider Tip Bring the bike with the good suspension—lots of gravel roads and dried creek beds to cross.
Distance from Downtown 140 miles
Permits and Passes Northwest Forest Pass
Map Green Trails no. 364 Mt St Helens

4-6 Hours
21 Miles