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Thumbnail for - The Smithsonian's Art of Video Games, Now at EMP
Feb 14, 2013
Explore 40 years of pixelated playable art, from Mario to Mass Effect.
Thumbnail for - 17 Habits of Highly Successful Companies
Dec 19, 2012
Stats from our top 25 companies
Thumbnail for - Xbox Christmas. Believe the Hype.
Apr 15, 2010
I'm silly about Microsoft's new motion-sensing gizmo coming to the Xbox 360 this Christmas season, but it's been a pain getting friends to understand my excitement. So far, Project Natal (not the...
Thumbnail for - The Most Elegant Netflix Ever
Apr 13, 2010
Until someone releases a toaster that streams movies, I can't really say Netflix works on every gizmo on the planet. But it sure feels that way. Yesterday, the long list of TiVos, Blu-ray...
Thumbnail for - Unmoved by PlayStation Move
Apr 9, 2010
I'm standing in a small crowd at Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill, and a Sony game designer hands me two wireless remotes with glowing, colored bulbs at each tip. He points me toward a boxing game,...
Thumbnail for - At Home In The Game Room
Mar 26, 2010
Microsoft's Game Room service debuted this week on Xbox Live and Windows PCs. Similar to other Internet-enabled game shops, it sells dozens of classic video games. But Game Room does something...
Thumbnail for - Windows Phone 7: Games, Apps, and Netflix
Mar 15, 2010
Microsoft's MIX10 Conference in Las Vegas has begun to unveil details about the company's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 Series, but the basic takeaway is the same as what I reported last week: lots...
Thumbnail for - On the Scene at the Game Developers Conference: Day 2
Mar 10, 2010
GameNerd Sam Machkovech is on the scene at the annual Game Developers Conference, which brings the newest and brightest programmers to San Francisco every March. The panels and discussions cater...
Thumbnail for - On Xbox Live, Gay Means Happy Again
Mar 5, 2010
Exactly one year after I first reported on the company's response to anti-gay accusations about the Xbox Live online service, Microsoft has announced an official change of tune this morning. From...
Thumbnail for - We Were Promised Jetpacks
Mar 3, 2010
The next Halo game, due this fall, was finally loosed in preview form today. I should yawn. I should close the browser and ignore yet another sci-fi killfest. Then again, Halo runs about 1/7 of...
Listing 1 - 10 of 18 Results