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Morning Fizz

"It Has Yet to Attract Any Firms."

Caffeinated News featuring tax breaks, tax votes, and council candidates.

  • 12/03/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Democratic Groups Spent $0

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring no money and no logic.

  • 08/12/2014
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Guns in the Capitol?

Bring your guns. Leave your umbrellas.

  • 01/30/2014
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This Washington

One Question for Transportation Choices Coalition

One question for the alternative-transit advocacy group Transportation Choices Coalition.

  • 12/07/2012
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On Other Blogs

SeattlePI.com: With New Tuition Authority, UW Needs to Become More Democratic

Trevor Griffey argues that with its new power to set tuition, pressure will grow on the UW to become more democratic.

  • 06/10/2011
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This Washington

Never Mind the GOP Backlash, Democrat Lillian Kaufer Aims to Take Out Her Party's Incumbent with a Challenge from the Left

EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS FEATURE ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED WEDNESDAY. In a local version of the Left's affront to Democratic U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, the Washington State Labor Council has endorsed Snohomish progressive Lilian Kaufer in her campaign

  • 07/01/2010
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This Washington

PubliCola TV: A Candid Interview with State Senator Eric Oemig

State Sen. Eric Oemig—one of the first Democrats elected from Seattle's Eastside burbs when the Democrats stole the turf from the Republicans in the mid-2000s—is now on the front lines as the GOP gears up to win it back in 2010.

  • 06/23/2010

This Washington

B.C. Residents Will No Longer Pay Washington Sales Tax

  • 06/10/2010


We're Number One?

  • 05/19/2010

This Washington

PubliCola's 2010 Legislative Session Accolades. The Civil Liberties Award

  • 04/21/2010

This Washington

PubliCola's 2010 Legislative Session Accolades. The Tea Party Award

  • 04/19/2010

This Washington

PubliCola TV: The 2010 State Budget. Conservative Version

  • 04/16/2010

This Washington

Interns of Seattle Unite!

  • 04/05/2010

This Washington

Beer Tax Rumor Bubbles Up in Olympia

  • 04/02/2010

This Washington

State Sen. Ed Murray: "Sales Tax Very Much in Play."

  • 04/01/2010
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