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Shifts & Shakeups

The Past Few Weeks in Restaurant News: Queen Tea

To paraphrase a recently closed coffee shop, Shifts and Shakeups does not require explanation, only documentation.

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Bodrum Bistro's Turkish Delights

Wallingford hosts a classic old-country cafe.

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Coming Soon

Russell's Bar Is Coming to Wallingford

Beer, wine, cocktails...and pot pies.

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Opening Soon

The Octopus Bar Invades Wallingford

And it may be the most nautical Seattle bar ever.

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Kamo Seiro at Miyabi 45th

Artful handmade soba noodles meet duck. But only female duck.

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Best Places to Live 2011

An insider’s guide to Seattle’s best neighborhoods—from Burien to Vashon to Laurelhurst—now and in the future.

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Neighborhood Bar Crawls: Fremont and Wallingford

Fremont and Wallingford are home to bar charmers like 35th Street Bistro, Quoin, Brouwer’s, and The Pacific Inn Pub.

Picture 19 bzzeir

Fan of New Belgium’s Fat Tire Ale?

Then you’ll be wanting to try a dry-hopped cask version.

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Supper Club

Soup’s On at Joule

Each Sunday the Wallingford eatery ladles the "Best Soup in Town."

Obamadrinking viegt6


Watch the State of the Union at Kate’s Pub or Cafe Presse

A third alternative: Stay home and play a drinking game. Esquire has a good one.

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For Your Weekend Consideration: Satay

If you’re looking for a new place to nosh, get thee to Wallingford.

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Satay in Wallingford Ready for Business

A promising new place for cheap eats is set to open this week.

Happymonday kegefv

Happy Hour Spotlight: Art of the Table

This is the delicious weekly deal they don’t want you to know about.

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Which Seattle Restaurants Get the Foodie Stamp of Approval?

And is that term forever ingrained in our lexicon?

Bluehouse mbotmm

Hot Hoods: Wallingford

Seattle doesn&rs't require chicken owners to register their little cluckers, so it’s anyone’s guess which nabe has the largest poultry population. But as the home of Seattle Tilth, Wallingford is plenty fowl-friendly.

Cantinetta izwrmt


A Cantinetta Clone Comes to Bellevue

Wallingford’s popular Italian eatery will have an Eastside outpost by the end of summer.

Goldies iawwjy


Rat and Raven Owners Buy Goldie’s on 45th

Expect a more upscale version of the Wallingford sports bar by June 1.

Pride jhj3mm

Family Food Fun

This Weekend: Two Very Seattle Food Events

Vegfest and Cook the Books

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New Bar News

New Bar Roundup

A cocktail lounge, a wine bar, a pinball pub that self-identifies as a dive, and another cocktail lounge.

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Oeno Files

It’s Wednesday, It’s Half-Price Wine Night at Emmer and Rye

Here are some other Wednesday Wine Deals Around Town.

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