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Thumbnail for - Becker Responds to Keblas Fans
Feb 7, 2014
City Hall
THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A QUOTE FROM MAYOR MURRAY'S OFFICE Kate Becker, Murray's appointee to replace popular film and music head Keblas, sends out email of her own.
Thumbnail for - What Happens at the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair?
Aug 21, 2013
Books & Talks
Before the anarchists descend on Seattle Center, we have a mildly antagonistic chat with one of the anonymous organizers.
Thumbnail for - Last Night
Mar 29, 2010
Arts & Culture
I got a concert invite last night from a friend with a spare ticket, and without knowing a thing about the band—nor necessarily trusting my friend's taste—I said yes. Why? The show was at El...
Thumbnail for - The Crusade Against Ugly Townhouses
Mar 19, 2010
Tonight: You can look at Seattle's BirthDIYfest, taking place at the Vera Project tonight, in a couple of different ways. If you're an artist, particularly someone obsessed with making your own...
Thumbnail for - Perfume Genius' Vera Confessionals
Mar 10, 2010
Arts & Culture
Perfume Genius performing at the Vera Project last night The Vera Project can be sort of cavernous. Case in point, last night Kirkland singer songwriter Perfume Genius played to a number...
Thumbnail for - A Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Sufjan
Mar 9, 2010
Arts & Culture
In college, I dated a girl who drew autobiographical comics. They were funny, but as a character in her life they became a bizarre hazard; at a time where I was trying to cement my identity, my...