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Thumbnail for - Seattle Symphony, Opera Musicians Give Strike Authorization
Oct 16, 2012
Music News
The musicians union will meet again today to discuss a projected 15 percent cut in compensation.
Thumbnail for - City Prosecutors Seek to Form Union
Aug 18, 2010
City Hall
Attorneys in the criminal division of the city attorney's office seek to form a union.
Thumbnail for - Lasagna for a Good Cause
Mar 30, 2009
Fun at Union
As part of his ongoing quest to fill his restaurant on Sundays and transform public opinion on Union (many still think of it as a hushed temple of haute cuisine, owing largely to its breathless...
Thumbnail for - Is It My Imagination, Or Are Restaurants Still Crowded?
Feb 27, 2009
Recession Schmecession
I’m reading the papers. I’m traumatized by my retirement fund statements. I’m panicked and so are you. So answer me this: Why are restaurants packed? I’m not going to pretend I have a shred of...