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Morning Fizz

TCC Director Rob Johnson to Run for City Council

Caffeinated News featuring: Neighborhood urbanism? Republican urbanism? McCleary funding? and Paseo?!?

  • 11/12/2014
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City Hall

City Council Legalizes Ridesharing

The city council passes legislation legalizing ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, while rejecting a proposal to increase insurance requirements.

  • 07/14/2014
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City Hall

Murray Proposes New Taxi/For-Hire/Ridesharing Compromise

Mayor Ed Murray announces a compromise on legislation regulating taxis, ridesharing companies like Uber, and for-hire vehicles.

  • 06/16/2014
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Afternoon Jolt

Murray Set to Lift Cap on Rideshare Companies

Another big compromise and victory for Mayor Ed Murray.

  • 06/16/2014
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City Hall

Complaint: Ridesharing Referendum Isn't Revealing Finances

A complainant alleges that the pro-ridesharing referendum campaign isn't disclosing its financial data.

  • 03/31/2014
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City Hall

Council Proposes New Restrictions on Ridesharing Companies

The city's taxi committee proposes new regulations on companies like Uber and Lyft—restrictions that could, the companies say, put them out of business.

  • 01/31/2014
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The C Is for Crank

Uber and Lyft and Women's Empowerment

The case for disruptive technology—in this case, ridesharing—as a tool for women's empowerment.

  • 01/24/2014
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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Outright Ban

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring Seattle Times contradiction, study bias, and more poll numbers.

  • 07/19/2013
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