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Morning Fizz

Parks Board DISLIKES Smoking, Non-Seattle Donors LIKE Sawant

Caffeinated news featuring money and cigarettes

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Morning Fizz

City Overlooking Opportunity to Fight Global Warming

Caffeinated news featuring bad planning and good compromising

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Perfect Party September 2014

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: It's Our Job to Make Some Noise

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring: The Son of TOD; noise for the homeless; and a settlement with angry developers.

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Isn't It Weird That ...

A couple of weird things we noticed about the arena, the Republicans, and Steinbrueck supporters. And a cool thing too.

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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: McGinn Announcement, Tom Showdown

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring: McGinn, Tom, and gongs.

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Isn't it Weird That...

Three weird things we noticed: in the pending mayor's race, about the Democrats, and in South Lake Union.


Guess Who Likes the South Lake Union Trolley

Housing advocacy group applauds South Lake Union streetcar.

PubliCola Adds Life

This Week's ThinkTank Pits Social-Justice Lefty vs. Social-Justice Lefty

In this week's ThinkTank, two progressive advocates tackle the issue of car-tab fees.

On Other Blogs

Real Change Director Tim Harris: "What Kind of Society Do We Want?"

Real Change director Tim Harris on Fox TV.

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Was Eliminating the Ride-Free Area the Right Call?

Is the ride-free area a transportation lifeline for low-income people, or an outdated, overpriced relic that must be sacrificed to save Metro service? Tim Harris of Real Change and Jon Scholes from the Downtown Seattle Association debate that question in


Today in Bad Analogies: Tunnel Opponent Compares Project to "Slutty Mom"

A Facebook battle over the tunnel gets over-the-top.

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Morning Fizz

"Unfortunately, It's a Free Speech Issue."

Morning Fizz: Phone book lobbyists meet with City Council; Real Change steps into the tunnel battle; and it's women's trivia night in Belltown.

Morning Fizz

A Veto-Proof Majority

City Hall

More than 100 Folks Crowd City Hall for Hearing on Burgess' Panhandling Ordinance


Rare Irish Whiskey for $35 a Shot

City Hall

DSA: Panhandling Proposal Isn't Rich vs. Poor


After-Work Beers Don't Get Much More Solid Than That


You Say Party, We Say Die!

Displaying all 19 articles