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Thumbnail for - An Alternative Approach to the Graffiti "Problem"
May 17, 2010
City Hall
Late last month, city council members Tim Burgess and Tom Rasmussen asked the city auditor to recommend ways the city could improve its response to graffiti. We didn't give the idea much ink...
Thumbnail for - State Should Close Loophole to Public Disclosure Law
May 6, 2010
City Hall
Last month, Seattle Times reporter Emily Heffter had a nice scoop: Mayor Mike McGinn sent a series of text messages to his old friend and Sierra Club colleague, City Council member Mike O'Brien,...
Thumbnail for - City Audit Shows Major Shortage of Services for Homeless
Apr 26, 2010
The city's human services department completed a study late last month that looked at the effectiveness of street outreach services to the homeless in Seattle. (Street outreach programs address...
Thumbnail for - At Veto Announcement, McGinn Says He'll "Accelerate" Neighborhood Policing Even Without Additional Officers
Apr 24, 2010
City Hall
This was originally posted Friday afternoon. Civil liberties and homeless advocates including Real Change director Tim Harris and civil rights attorney James Bible stand by Mayor Mike McGinn. ...
Thumbnail for - Council Blasts McGinn for Putting Police Hires on Hold
Apr 22, 2010
City Hall
All nine members of the Seattle City Council signed off on a harshly worded letter to Mayor Mike McGinn today in response to comments he made implying that he might abandon plans to hire 20 new...
Thumbnail for - Mike O'Brien Talks About his Panhandling Flip-Flop
Apr 20, 2010
City Hall
City Council member Mike O'Brien just talked with PubliCola about his vote against the aggressive panhandling ordinance that passed yesterday by a 5-4 vote. The ordinance, sponsored by Tim...
Thumbnail for - After Giving Opponents Months to Organize Against Panhandling Proposal, Burgess Tried to Fast-Track Legislation
Apr 20, 2010
City Hall
An interesting bit of backstory to the battle over Tim Burgess' attempt to expand the definition of aggressive panhandling, which passed the city council 5-4 yesterday but faces a certain mayoral...
Thumbnail for - A Veto-Proof Majority
Apr 19, 2010
Morning Fizz
1. The city's parks department is reportedly considering a plan to put term limits, perhaps as short as three years, on P-Patch garden plots on Parks-owned land, irking some P-Patch tenants who...
Thumbnail for - Mayor's Ally, Mike O'Brien, Goes His Own Way on 520 and Aggressive Panhandling
Apr 17, 2010
City Hall
This article was originally posted on Friday afternoon. O'Brien, speaking at a rally held by supporters of light rail on 520 earlier this year. City Council Member Mike O'Brien, a longtime...
Thumbnail for - He Knows All About Bugs
Apr 7, 2010
Today: The Columbia City Cinema, a sweet indie movie theater and community gathering place in a historic building, is facing tough financial straits. Folks are having a “movie night” tonight to...
Listing 111 - 120 of 154 Results