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Boss Battle with Speedy Ortiz

Sadie Dupuis discusses her band's new album 'Foil Deer,' neurological feminism, and gendering bands.

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Local Talent

A Fiendish Conversation with Tacocat's Emily Nokes

The singer chats about candy stoners, zombie bras, and Tacocat's new LP 'NVM.'

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Extra Fizz: Stranger Stands by Their Man and Other News

The Stranger endorses McGinn, former Vulcan ally doesn't, Murray talks schools, and the Washington Post talks Jenny Durkan.

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Love Wins

Celebrating Gay Marriage

From hotels to clubs to cupcake shops, Seattle businesses are excited about same-sex marriage legalization. We rounded up a list of receptions and specials in honor of the big day.

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On Other Blogs

On Other Blogs Today: Charter Schools and Poor Performance; Tall Buildings and Big Houses; Tim Burgess and the Stranger

Our daily roundup

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Bars We Need

The Stranger’s Paul Constant Calls for a Literary Bar

"No nattering blogs or flickering videos to distract from the words you’re writing, speaking, or reading."

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Seattle’s Best Soups?

We’re in the thick of soup season, and we all want to know where the good ones are.

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Slog Skips Basic Reporting, Hypes Non-Story

Morning Fizz

Damage Has Been Done


Extra Fizz: Way to Go Jake

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