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That Washington

More on Sen. Cantwell vs. the NFL

Cantwell says NFL's tax exempt status is an important issue.

  • 12/05/2014
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One Question

One Question for Congressional Candidate, Ex-Redskin Didier

One question for ex-Redskin, Congressional candidate Clint Didier in light of this week's cancellation of the Washington, D.C. team's trademarks on a name many call a racial slur.

  • 06/20/2014
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That Washington

Mexican Immigrant-Turned-Microsoft Exec Steps Up to Challenge DelBene

Pedro Celis, a pro-immigration reform, but otherwise conservative, Republican, announces campaign for 1st Congressional District.

  • 02/27/2014
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That Washington

Extra Fizz: Cantwell Proposes New Glass-Steagall Act (Again)

Cantwell calls for "bright line" between commercial and investment banking.

  • 07/11/2013
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That Washington

Feds Say No Regional Review of Coal Trains; McGinn Testifies

As environmental advocates, including Mayor Mike McGinn, head to D.C. to ask for environmental review of coal trains, the Army Corps of Engineers indicates they won't look at regional or international impacts.

  • 06/18/2013
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That Washington

DelBene: Proposed Sweeping Abortion Ban "Unconscionable" and "Unconstitutional"

Freshman US Rep. Suzan DelBene calls a proposal that passed out of a house committee today to ban all abortions after 20 weeks' gestation "unconscionable" and "unconstitutional; meanwhile, a Republican makes more neat comments about rape.

  • 06/12/2013
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That Washington

Cantwell Opposes Obama Apointee

Sen. Maria Cantwell voices frustration over delay in ACA provision.

  • 02/28/2013
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On Other Blogs Today

On Other Blogs Today: Increasing Taxes, Cutting Taxes, and Protecting Women

Our daily roundup.

  • 02/12/2013
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One Question

One Question for U.S. Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell

With an Obama deficit deal on the table that cuts Social Security, will Washington State's liberal senators stand pat?

  • 12/19/2012
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That Washington

Poll: Despite Redistricting, Reichert's Constituents Still Lefty on Environment

A new poll indicates that even in a more rural district, Congressman Dave Reichert's (R-8) constituents care about the environment.

  • 08/15/2012
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That Washington

US House GOP Blocks Violence Against Women Act

Washington State US Sen. Patty Murray criticizes House Republicans for blocking the Violence Against Women Act, which would extend domestic-violence protections to immigrants, Native women, and lesbians.

  • 08/01/2012
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That Washington

Friday PubliCola Q&A: Patty Murray

US Sen. Patty Murray is taking center stage as the ongoing federal budget debate frames the Presidential election.

  • 07/27/2012
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That Washington

An Issue Where Burner Agrees with the GOP: Auditing the Fed

Liberal Burner joins with Ron Paul, breaks with Jim McDermott.

  • 07/26/2012
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That Washington

Tweet of the Day: Cantwell on Dry Peas & Lentils

Maria Cantwell gets serious. Again.

  • 07/12/2012

That Washington

WA State's Congressional GOP Delegation Votes to Repeal Obamacare

Washington State's GOP lines up against Obamacare. McDermott makes fun of them. What does McKenna say?

  • 07/11/2012
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That Washington

Anti-DelBene Mailer Done by Firm with Ties to Ruderman

DC mail consultant behind anti-DelBene hit piece has deep connections to Ruderman.

  • 07/11/2012
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That Washington

Patty Murray vs. Ronald Reagan

Patty Murray sets the stage for the federal budget debate.

  • 07/09/2012
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That Washington

McMorris Rodgers: "War on Women" is "A Myth"

Washington State Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers says there's no war on women, calls the Fair Pay Act "a bad bill."

  • 04/30/2012
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That Washington

Murray, Tribal Leader Stump for Violence Against Women Act as Republicans Propose Watered-Down Alternative

As Republicans in the US Senate propose a watered-down alternative of the Violence Against Women Act, Sen. Patty Murray and a Native American leader who suffered sexual violence push for expanding VAWA's protections to Native women, gays and lesbians, and

  • 04/25/2012
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That Washington

Early Jolt: Larsen Endorses DelBene

DelBene picks up big endorsement.

  • 04/17/2012
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