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Thumbnail for - Retail News: Sell Your Sole Launches App
Dec 19, 2013
Wish Upon an App
The high-end women's resale boutique launches its first-ever app, and we've got the deets on how you can use it to make your fashion wishes come true.
Thumbnail for - New Smartphone App to Decrease Seattle's Food Leftovers
Aug 14, 2013
Waste Not, Want Not
Leftover Swap: Eliminate your guilt over throwing away unwanted food by sharing it with a stranger via a new local app.
Thumbnail for - Last Night: William Gibson at U. Village Barnes & Noble
Sep 8, 2010
Last Night
I don't read a lot of fiction. I'm a non-fiction fan. Which is why William Gibson is my favorite novelist. According to Gibson's sci-fi predecessor, Philip K. Dick, Dick's own great novel, Ubik,...
Thumbnail for - It's the Driving (Not the Texting), Stupid. Pt. 2
Aug 29, 2010
This Washington
20th Century networks—roads, electrical transmission grids, sewer, water—worked hand-in-hand to promote suburban culture. In contrast, the 21st Century's network—wireless communications—should be...
Thumbnail for - The Most Elegant Netflix Ever
Apr 13, 2010
Until someone releases a toaster that streams movies, I can't really say Netflix works on every gizmo on the planet. But it sure feels that way. Yesterday, the long list of TiVos, Blu-ray players,...
Thumbnail for - Kin-Dull? Microsoft Announces Another Phone Platform
Apr 12, 2010
Microsoft announced a new phone this morning: the Kin, which will be available from Verizon this May. Apparently, the phone's most prominent technical feature is to make you feel old as dirt. At...
Thumbnail for - Unmoved by PlayStation Move
Apr 9, 2010
I'm standing in a small crowd at Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill, and a Sony game designer hands me two wireless remotes with glowing, colored bulbs at each tip. He points me toward a boxing game,...
Thumbnail for - Remember The iPhone?
Apr 8, 2010
Minutes ago, the iPhone's next operating system (OS) took center stage at a press event near Apple's HQ in Cupertino, CA. You know, the iPhone? That junior-sized iPad you might've forgotten about?...
Thumbnail for - It's Seductive, This iPad
Apr 5, 2010
If you've had any interest at all in Apple's iPad, you've already read umpty-ump reviews, articles, screeds, and attacks, viewed a million screen captures, watched some YouTube videos of it in use,...
Thumbnail for - Positive iPad Reviews Overlook Major Negatives
Apr 2, 2010
No, I won't let it go: I'm still arguing with friends about why I don't believe in the iPad. I suppose I should clarify that my disdain for the device should in no way be seen as a belief that it...
Listing 1 - 10 of 40 Results