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Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Amelia Bonow
May 7, 2015
She's It
Next up: a Seattle arts advocate with vintage leanings (and great shoes)
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Seattle Filmmaker Tara Thomas
Mar 24, 2015
She's It
“Style just happens. You can’t fight it.”
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Seattle Artist Alexa Anderson
Jan 22, 2015
She's It
A girl, a suit, and a single pinched-nipple earring.
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Creative Director Alaa Mendili
Sep 18, 2014
You're It
North by Northwest, by like, the rest of the world. Or, where urban meets practical, in an elegantly low-key way.
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Seattle Artist Jana Brevick
Jun 16, 2014
She's It
She makes "everchanging" gold rings and blinged out basketball hoops, and she wears statement necklaces like nobody's business.
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Set Designer Gavin Derek
May 30, 2014
He's It
He's a set designer with some pretty cool line items on his CV, and he likes rocker pants and pointy boots.
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Seattle Photographer Andrew Swanson
May 15, 2014
He's It
Minimalism, personified. (And a random Bruce Hornsby reference.)
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Sade and Prince's Guitar Player, Ryan Waters
May 1, 2014
He's It
If you perform next to a guy who wears purple velvet and ruffled shirt, your style game better be on. But not too on.
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Hair and Makeup Artist Lindsey Watkins
Apr 15, 2014
She's It
Commercial and editorial hair and makeup artist Lindsey Watkins talks Lady Gaga, personal history, and benefits of brick and mortars.
Thumbnail for - Style Tag: Gene Juarez Creative Head Tags Guy Caspary
Mar 13, 2014
He's It
Gentlemen: take some notes. Ladies, you can learn a thing or two, too. This art/tech/bio brain's detail-oriented approach to style is something we can all learn from.
Listing 1 - 10 of 18 Results