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Thumbnail for - Starbucks Launches the 'Flat White'  in U.S. Stores Today
Jan 6, 2015
Morning Matters
Australia's favorite coffee drink: now available on 500 street corners near you.
Thumbnail for - This Week in Restaurant News: Are You Ready for This?
Dec 5, 2014
Shifts & Shakeups
Could there BE any more openings?
Thumbnail for - So, About That Mystery Starbucks Project on Capitol Hill...
Dec 4, 2014
Morning Matters
It's an entirely new type of coffee shop for the company, plus a roastery. And it's going to attract a ton of attention.
Thumbnail for - This Week in Restaurant News: More of Everything for Everyone
Nov 7, 2014
Shifts & Shakeups
More pizza. More happy hour. More Whole Foods.
Thumbnail for - OMFG It's the PSL!
Aug 25, 2014
The pumpkin spice latte got plucked from the dust heap of market research to become a full-fledged fall obsession.
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: "It's Got to go to the Voters."
Jun 17, 2014
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring Howard Schultz on Seattle's minimum wage law.
Thumbnail for - The Week in Restaurant News: Pigs and Booze
Oct 4, 2013
Shifts & Shakeups
Vessel closes, Le Petit Cochon opens, and the Coterie Room goes private event space.
Thumbnail for - Starbucks Adds Calorie Counts to its Menus
Jun 18, 2013
Nutrition Police
Wonder no more how many calories are in that hazelnut macchiato and chocolate croissant.
Thumbnail for - Starbucks' Major Pastry Makeover Starts Today
Jun 4, 2013
Morning Matters
New baked goods fill the (pink) pastry case. And this is just stage one.
Thumbnail for - Neighborhood Food News
Mar 6, 2013
Food News
The mighty return of the Kilt biscuit, an upset at Woodinville's Golden Grape Awards, and Seattle food just plain owns the television.
Listing 1 - 10 of 40 Results