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Thumbnail for - Go See: The Seattle Wedding Show
Dec 31, 2014
Wedding Wednesday
The city's biggest wedding show is just around the corner. Find out where to find us and the newest issue of Seattle Met Bride and Groom.
Thumbnail for - Win a Wedding on Whidbey
Sep 24, 2014
Wedding Wednesday
Just about everything's in place and ready to go. They just need a bride and groom. Or a bride and a bride. Or a groom and a groom.
Thumbnail for - Required Reading: The Distinctive Wedding Ceremony by Reverend Mary Calhoun
Mar 26, 2014
Wedding Wednesday
Seattle wedding officiant pens a must-read volume of vows and more for same sex and opposite sex couples in the Northwest and the rest of the world.
Thumbnail for - Go See: The Seattle Wedding Show
Jan 2, 2013
Wedding Wednesday
It's Seattle's biggest wedding show, and it's coming up soon. Where to find us and what'll be there for you when you arrive.
Thumbnail for - Newlywed Game
Dec 12, 2012
Wedding Wednesday
Thanks to R74 Seattle has lots of new married couples; here are three of them.
Thumbnail for - Wed in Bed at Willows Lodge
Aug 15, 2012
Wedding Wednesday
From nightmare to night wear-as-wedding wear, this couple's Washington wine country wedding was a real trip.
Thumbnail for - Seattle Wedding Show
Dec 14, 2011
Wedding Wednesday
About once or twice a year, I get to feeling like I’m the one planning a wedding. Sometimes it’s because of an elaborate feature we’re planning, but more often it’s a party that gets me. This...
Thumbnail for - 2 People 1 Life
Nov 9, 2011
Wedding Wednesday
  Right now you or someone you know is frequently overwhelmed by the thought of just one wedding, but check this out: A few weeks ago, a British couple who are getting married over and over again...