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Thumbnail for - The DOJ vs. the Mayor
Oct 28, 2013
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip: Did the mayor have to fight for the Community Police Commission? And if so, what'd he get?
Thumbnail for - Hempfest Doritos: They're All Nacho Cheese Flavor
Aug 17, 2013
Tactical Maneuvers
Apparently Seattle police have something against the obviously superior cool Ranch.
Thumbnail for - SPD Takes Steps to Diversify
Jul 1, 2013
But the need for change to the department’s culture will start beneath the skin.
Thumbnail for - Morning Fizz: Homecoming
May 28, 2013
Morning Fizz
Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring flaws, settlements, and invitations.
Thumbnail for - Should Seattle Police’s John Diaz Stay or Go?
Mar 20, 2013
Mayoral candidates are split on what to do with the embattled chief.
Thumbnail for - McGinn: Council Members "Play Politics with Public Safety"
Feb 11, 2013
City Hall
Mayor Mike McGinn, defending his initial opposition to police monitor, accuses council members of "playing politics with public safety."
Thumbnail for - On Other Blogs Today: Drones, Tolls, and Taxes
Jan 24, 2013
On Other Blogs Today
Our daily roundup.
Thumbnail for - Inside Seattle Police’s Drone Program
Dec 19, 2012
The unmanned aerial vehicles have yet to take off, but here’s what you need to know when they do.
Thumbnail for - SPD Releases Controversial Punching Video
Nov 27, 2012
City Hall
In response to a lawsuit, the Seattle Police Department has released a video in which an officer punches an uncooperative hit-and-run suspect.
Listing 1 - 10 of 36 Results