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Thumbnail for - So What Did Everyone Else Think of Carrie Mashaney's <i>Top Chef</i> Debut?
Oct 9, 2013
Stalking Top Chef
Was the One Direction reference really necessary?
Thumbnail for - 'Top Chef' Returns Tonight with Carrie Mashaney Doing Battle
Oct 2, 2013
Seattle on TV
The Spinasse and Aragona chef takes on the New Orleans season.
Thumbnail for -  Seattle Makes Beer on National TV in 'Brew Dogs'
Sep 4, 2013
Seattle on TV
Debuting September 24: the drink of the masses with a little extra jazz and a lot more exposure.
Thumbnail for - Seattle's Carrie Mashaney Will Compete on 'Top Chef'
Aug 13, 2013
Stalking Top Chef
The New Orleans season just got interesting.
Thumbnail for - Recap: The Layover's Seattle Episode
Feb 5, 2013
TV Recap
Anthony Bourdain's 48 hours in Seattle include oysters with T-Doug, drinking chartreuse with Matt Dillon and Renee Erickson, and messing up the name of one of the biggest chefs in town.
Thumbnail for - Watch Anthony Bourdain Tour Melrose Market, Dine at Canlis
Feb 1, 2013
Seattle on TV
The clips are from an upcoming episode of The Layover.
Thumbnail for - I Can Has Cheezburger Gets Its Own Bravo Reality Show
Nov 2, 2012
Friday Randomness
It's like The Office but in Seattle. And with more cats.
Thumbnail for - Thierry Rautureau Returns to Top Chef Masters Wednesday Night
Jul 24, 2012
Seattle on TV
The Chef in the Hat will compete once again for Food Lifeline on the Bravo TV show.
Thumbnail for - Anthony Bourdain Shooting in Seattle
Jul 10, 2012
Seattle on TV
At least Anthony Bourdain and his production team aren’t as ridiculously secretive as the magical elves over at Top Chef. Eater Seattle says the rangy, delightfully caustic TV host has arrived in...
Thumbnail for - Top Chef Seattle? All Signs Point to Yes
Jun 12, 2012
Seattle on TV (We Think)
Remember all that drama and speculation back in February about the possibility of Top Chef filming its 10th season in Seattle? This most intriguing of rumors was resuscitated today with this...
Listing 1 - 10 of 25 Results