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Thumbnail for - Pinky's Kitchen Bottles Its Barbecue Sauce
Aug 2, 2012
Condiment Craze
Pinky's Kitchen continues its ever ambitious rollout with something this condiment crazy city will surely appreciate: a line of barbecue sauces. Only recently did the Wallingford street staple...
Thumbnail for - Olympia’s Habanero-Heavy Rooster Sauce is Coming North
Jun 13, 2012
Condiment Craze
Around this time last year, while his law school classmates were cramming for finals, John de Mars was tinkering with hot sauce recipes. It’s not that de Mars didn’t like law school, "but it was...
Thumbnail for - The Gastro Gift Guide Part 2: For Those Who Slather
Dec 8, 2011
Holiday Gifts 2011
  Sometimes Seattle and its sobering rain stats can rub people the wrong way. But believe us when we say Seattle knows how to do rub right. Jellies, spreads, and sauces too. A host of area...
Thumbnail for - Nunya Sauce at Marination Station: It’s Happening
Oct 20, 2011
Condiment Craze
Back in April when I toured then-unopened Marination Station, co-owner Kamala Saxton spilled that the Capitol Hill counter would one day retail jars of Nunya sauce. To the initiated, Nunya is a...
Thumbnail for - The Weekly Spread: Ancho and Molasses BBQ Sauce at Rub With Love Shack
Aug 11, 2011
Remember the Weekly Spread series? Yeah, it hasn’t so much been weekly. But if we call it the “Whenever-We-Can-Get-Around-To-It Spread” we might seem lazy. Anyway, the condiment coverage is back....
Thumbnail for - The Weekly Spread: Marination’s Nunya Sauce
Jun 6, 2011
The condiment in question Marination Mobile’s Nunya Sauce. Made by The good people of Marination Mobile and Marination Station, who serve up Korean-Hawaiian hybrid food (kimchi quesadillas, spam...
Thumbnail for - Skillet Is Releasing a New Bacon Jam Flavor
Apr 21, 2011
Condiment Craze
Skillet, entrepreneur of the local bottle-and-sell-your-condiment craze, is coming out with a second flavor of its wildly popular bacon jam. In a recent newsletter (do you read these? They are...
Thumbnail for - Marination Mobile Will Bottle, Sell "Nunya" Sauce
Apr 6, 2011
A sunny bit I spaced on mentioning in Tuesday’s First Look at Marination Station: the Cap Hill street food counter will vend one of Marination Mobile’s signature condiments, the "nunya" sauce. MM...
Thumbnail for - Keeping an Eye on Volunteer Park Cafe’s Mac-n-Cheese Sauce
Mar 23, 2011
We’re calling it now: When the ladies of Volunteer Park Cafe let fly their Mac Daddy Sauce, it’ll really, well, fly. Consider VPC’s predecessors, other restaurants to recently bottle and merch...
Thumbnail for - The Newest Item to Hit the Shelves of DeLaurenti: Skillet Bacon Jam
Aug 17, 2010
Grocery List
In our Food Lovers’ Guide we proffer props to Skillet ’s Joshua Henderson for his bacon jam, going so far as to call it “the novelty condiment of 2010.” To the uninitiated, the spread is quite...