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Morning Fizz

The UW Board of Regents Dislikes Fossil Fuel Investments

Caffeinated news featuring this week's LIKES and DISLIKES

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Morning Fizz

Bagshaw Likely to Face Progressive Challenger from Tech Industry; Plus Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Caffeinated news featuring new candidates and old neighborhoods

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Morning Fizz

Council Candidates Spar and Council Members Spar

Caffeinated news featuring lightning rounds, kickoffs, and federal legislation

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Afternoon Jolt

Open Council Fight Started Several Hours Before Tensions Blew Up at Afternoon Okamoto Vote

Monday-morning council briefing is must-watch TV

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Morning Fizz

Bagshaw Pushes Back on Sawant

Caffeinated news featuring city council fisticuffs

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City Hall

Sawant Calls Affordable Housing Town Hall “Ground Zero” for a “Housing Justice” Movement

Kshama Sawant and Nick Licata challenge the state ban on rent control.

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Morning Fizz

An Indie Rocker for City Council?

Caffeinated news featuring local rocker considering council run, Sawant may try to delay encampment vote, and a supposedly pro-choice Republican

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Morning Fizz

In Council Stampede, Bagshaw Remains Only Incumbent without a Challenger

Caffeinated news featuring downtown Seattle by the numbers, candidates by the numbers, and transportation funding by the numbers

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PubliCalendar: Historical Lessons

Today's picks for civic nerds

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PubliCalendar: You're Invited to Hack the Commute

Today's picks for civic nerds

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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: "Why Is This Your Bailiwick?"

Caffeinated News featuring SPD staffing snafu, district elections, a new poll, workers' stories, and more.

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City Hall

Mountain Bike Trail in South Seattle Greenbelt Moves Forward

A controversial mountain bike trail system in Southeast Seattle's Cheasty Greenspace gets the nod from a city council committee.

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Why We Can't Let the Seattle Parks District Fail

City council member Sally Bagshaw explains what will happen if the August parks district funding measure fails.

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City Hall

Notes from the Inauguration

Socialist Sawant steals the show at inauguration.

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Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: "Please Give Us a Chance."

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring applause lines, best lines, and lines out the door.

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Seattle’s Mayoral Race Is Bereft of Legitimate Female Candidates Again

It’s been 75 years since the city has had a female mayor. Why?

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One Question

One Question About aPodments

One question about density and aPodments for city council member Sally Bagshaw.

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City Hall

Sally Bagshaw: Toward a Rental Housing Inspection Program That Works

Seattle city council member Sally Bagshaw outlines her key priorities for a rental housing inspection program.

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City Hall

Sally Bagshaw: "I Am In Favor" of 65-Foot Heights in Roosevelt

City council member Sally Bagshaw joins the chorus of support for higher density in Roosevelt.

On Other Blogs

"My Friend, Scott White"

Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw pays tribute to state Sen. Scott White, who died suddenly at the age of 41.

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