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Behind Bars

Five Questions for the Bartender: Rob Roy's Greg Jago

"The coordination and focus that I learned as a martial arts instructor has definitely helped me become a better bartender."

  • By Sara Hendrickson
  • Published 11/04/2013
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Stuff Bartenders Like

Chartreuse: Taste the Shades of Green

Chefs and bartenders love this herbal liqueur. And now, so do I.

  • By Cassie Sawyer
  • Published 04/26/2013
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Behind Bars

Five Questions for the Bartender: Shawn Heale of Rob Roy

"Anyone who says whiskey isn't cool deserves a swift boot to the coconuts."

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 02/18/2013
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Film News

'Lucky Them' Is Filming in Belltown Today

Thomas Haden Church might be holed up in Rob Roy as we speak.

  • By Laura Dannen
  • Published 02/05/2013
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Food News

Neighborhood Food News

Starbucks goes gangbusters, Bluebird in Phinney introduces growlers, and Gordon Ramsay snaps photos in Ballard (and no one's impressed).

  • By Danielle Zorn
  • Published 12/05/2012
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Advent Imbibing

It's Back: Rob Roy's Advent Calendar of Cocktails

The bar's alcohol-fueled advent countdown beats the pants off your typical chocolate-filled model.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 12/03/2012
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Higher Learning

5 Local Places to Get a Cocktail Education

Master wintertime libations or learn the art of vodka appreciation at one of these destinations for booze-based learning.

  • By Danielle Zorn
  • Published 10/05/2012
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Cocktail Cartography

Philip Trickey’s Signature Drink: The Midnight Water

A shot of Fernet evolves into one of the finest brown, bitter, and stirred cocktails in Seattle.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 02/23/2012
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Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Restaurant Zoë and St. John’s Bar and Eatery open in Capitol Hill, Ballard has a new pizza food cart, and more.

  • By Anne Larkin
  • Published 02/17/2012
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Shift Change

Roster Changes at Rob Roy

Andrew Bohrer’s day job means Philip Trickey is back behind the stick.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 02/10/2012
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Drinking Events

Rob Roy’s Alcohol-Fueled Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with 24 days of holiday drinks…and a little bit of fire.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 11/30/2011
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Seattle on TV

Drinking Made Easy Hits Rob Roy

Have you seen the crew around town?

  • Published 08/10/2011
Bestbars 17897 ljlbkw


Best Bars 2011: 15 More Must-Visit Bars

Another 15 favorite Seattle bars, plus the cocktail to try at each one.

  • Published 02/21/2011
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Best Bars 2011: Women Behind Bars

Once an old boys’ club, craft ­cocktailing today is the domain of saucy dames like the seven top ­bartenders featured here.

  • Published 02/21/2011
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Best Bars 2011: Women Behind Bars

Once an old boys’ club, craft ­cocktailing today is the domain of saucy dames like the seven top ­bartenders featured here.

  • Published 11/21/2010
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Behind the bar

Five Questions for the A Cocktail Chef: Cameo McRoberts

Cameo McRoberts is not a bartender, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make you a very good drink. Just don’t be snapping your fingers in her ...

  • Published 07/07/2010
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Analog Tuesdays at Rob Roy: Bring Your Records to the Bar

Vinyl lives on, once a week in Belltown.

  • Published 07/06/2010
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