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The C is for Crank

Legalizing Cheap Housing, Without Eliminating Standards

Sightline's Alan Durning argues that we should eliminate regulations that increase the cost of housing. We agree—until he argues against the city's rental-housing inspection law.

  • 11/20/2012
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City Hall

Apartment Owners Use Housing Inspection Law in Fundraising Pitch

Want to prevent mandatory rental inspections? Contribute to us, the Rental Housing Association says.

  • 05/03/2012
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Seattle’s Second City: Why Can’t We Have Healthy Homes Too?

The head of the Tenants' Union says only mandatory inspections will ensure that the city's rental housing is up to code.

  • 04/20/2012
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City Hall

Building Owners Propose Alternative Rental Inspection Law

Advocates for property owners advocate for an alternative to both proposed rental-housing inspection programs.

  • 04/13/2012
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City Hall

Licata Proposes Universal Rental-Housing Inspection

City Council member and housing advocate Nick Licata proposes phasing in universal rental-housing inspections over ten years. Image via Nick Licata on Flickr.

  • 03/28/2012
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City Hall

Tenants, City in Talks About Rental Housing Inspection Program

After panning the city's first stab at creating a rental housing inspection programas too landlord-friendly, tenant advocates are in talks with the city about how to improve the legislation.

  • 02/09/2012
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Tenants' Union: Rental Inspection Proposal Caters to Landlords

Tenant advocates are unhappy with a rental housing inspection proposal that, they say, does little to improve on the current system.

  • 12/08/2011
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Rental Housing Inspection Program Could be Watered Down

The city council considers a watered-down rental housing inspection program.

  • 12/01/2011

Morning Fizz

"This is One of Those Embarrassing Mistakes That Makes You Want to Bury Your Head."

  • 05/12/2010

City Hall

Mandatory Housing Inspection Moves Forward

  • 05/12/2010

City Hall

A Few Examples of Substandard Housing In Seattle

  • 05/11/2010

City Hall

Tenant Advocates Oppose City Crackdown on Bad Landlords

  • 05/10/2010

City Hall

Council Considers Rental-Housing Inspection Proposal

  • 05/07/2010
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