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I'm New Here

Where to Live Now in Seattle

A look at seven of the city's most distinct neighborhoods.

  • By Darren Davis
  • Published 08/24/2015

Editor’s Note

The House Guest

Seattle is experiencing spasmodic changes, a culture clash of haves and have-barely-enough-to-get-by.

  • By James Ross Gardner
  • Published 04/27/2015

Real Estate

The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle

The current state of the city’s (sometimes crazy) housing market.

  • By Darren Davis
  • Published 04/24/2015


The Rent Really Is Too Damn High

And it’s a bigger problem than tenant vs. landlord.

  • By Matthew Halverson
  • Published 04/22/2015

Shifts & Shakeups

This Week in Restaurant News: Big Openings

We're now contemplating a move to Ravenna.

  • By Caroline Ferguson
  • Published 01/30/2015

Editor's Note

Growing Pains and Pleasures

When traffic jams and density get to be all too much, stop and smell the roses.

  • By Katherine Koberg
  • Published 05/01/2014

Seattle Real Estate 2014

This Must Be the Place

When my marriage ended in spring 2013, I was dragged into one of the most turbulent real estate markets in recent memory. Through the tears and heartache, I learned a lot about buying and selling houses but even more about finding home.

  • By Matthew Halverson
  • Published 04/19/2014

Seattle Real Estate 2014

5 Expert Tips for Home Sellers

  • By Sabrina Booth, Redfin Real Estate Agent
  • Published 04/19/2014

Seattle Real Estate 2014

5 Expert Tips for Home Buyers

Patience and planning give buyers the inside track.

  • By KC Brants, Real Estate Agent, Redfin
  • Published 04/19/2014

Seattle Real Estate 2014

10 Hottest Neighborhoods in Seattle

Who’s buying where in a revved-up real estate market.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 04/19/2014

Seattle Real Estate 2014

Neighborhoods By the Numbers

Market values past, present, and future, walk, bike, and transit scores, demographics, and more on 202 neighborhoods in and around Seattle

  • Published 04/19/2014

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: This Germane Fact

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring John Fox, South Lake Union, Mary Martin, Kate Martin, I-522, the King County Democrats, and real estate.

  • By Morning Fizz
  • Published 09/25/2013

City Hall

The City's Misleading Mortgage Crisis Report

The shaky numbers behind a report touted by Seattle housing activists and the city council as evidence of a Seattle mortgage crisis.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 09/13/2013

Behind the Scenes

Laura Miller, the Reason Your Favorite Restaurant Is Located Where it Is

If you want to get all Harry Potter about it, Miller is the sorting hat of Seattle’s restaurateurs.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 08/29/2013


Real Estate 2013

Our most detailed annual real estate review ever covers 138 neighborhoods in and around Seattle.

  • By Karen Taylor Quinn
  • Published 04/17/2013


10 Seattle Neighborhoods Annotated

Local real estate is showing robust signs of postrecession life—and so are neighborhoods.

  • By Seattle Met Staff
  • Published 04/17/2013

The C Is for Crank

Seattle Times Overlooks a Key Factor in Ballard Rental Market—Renters

The Seattle Times opposes "overbuilding" in Ballard because, it argues, prices for tenants might drop, hurting landlords.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 11/26/2012

On Other Blogs

Geekwire: Amazon Looking at Downtown Property

Amazon looking to add space downtown.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 02/15/2012

On Other Blogs

Economix: Rent, Don't Buy, In Seattle

A New York Times analysis of housing prices shows that, in Seattle, renting is a much better bet than buying.

  • By Erica C. Barnett
  • Published 12/23/2010


Housing Belongs Next to the Sculpture Park

An appeal won by Belltown residents has resulted in a the scrapping of a proposed high-density housing project adjacent to the Olympic Sculpture Park, and the developer has now come back with plans for an office building.

  • By Dan Bertolet
  • Published 07/26/2010
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